New Year, New Boots…..

Pic of my 40.00 score! Came with original packaging and box. Previous owner wore them MAYBE twice. If you have Docs, how are they working out for you? I’d love to know….

As each year comes and goes, so does my individual fashion choices. I recycle pieces from past years but I try to produce different looks. I don’t really dress up dress up anymore and comfort is more of a necessity than a luxury. What about that pile of denim in the corner? Barely touched it this past year… I live in my yoga pants, sweatshirts and sneakers. I realized that this is mainly based on the fact that I work at home. Maybe I should make a lunch date with sis so I have an excuse to wear some of those long forgotten dresses in my closet…..

To start off the year, I did one big purchase (to me) and it was for these Dr. Martens to your left. So, a little back story. I have been looking at Dr.Martens for AWHILE. How do I style them?! Will my feet look bigger? *Size 10 gang over here I’m not spending 200 on them! Are they worth the money? Are they comfortable?

After a year or so of pondering, I found a great deal on Poshmark and jumped on it. They were 40.00! What a deal! I decided to try the shorter boots versus the ones that come higher on my calf. For me personally, I think I would wear these more than the taller ones. I’ll do an update on how I’m liking them after I take them on a few spins…. 

Side note – There are so many great deals on secondhand sites such as Poshmark, Mercari and Tradesy. If you are looking for something specific to add to your wardrobe, I highly recommend checking them out! You never know what kind of deals you’ll find

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