Just a girl that loves her fashion at a faboulous price…..Fashionista living the thrifting Life…..What more can you ask for?

Here is a list of my favorites stores to visit:

Value Village – by far my fave thrift store EVER. Check your local area for value village or savers. Same chain.

Salvation Army – smaller chain than value village and has more of a attic/ treasure closet feel. Don’t let that fool you… you can get some good pieces here as well.

Goodwill – probably my second fave thrift. We finally just got one in my area. The Goodwills I have been to in the states have hidden treasures. You just have to find them…

Tradesy – OK. This isn’t a thrifted store but is by far my favorite place to purchase quality second hand luxuries. By luxuries, I mean handbags. No shame…….

Poshmark – New addition! I started shopping on Posh this year and it is an instant fave. Super easy app and has offer features. Plus I Buy and sell on both Posh and Tradesy platforms. Check them out for awesome finds!

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