Quality over quantity even at the thrift…

Secondhand outfit that was under 30 for everything..


Hello fellow bargain hunters! By now, everyone’s holiday shopping is in full swing. Which means most of our wallets are crying (literally). Even with all of the retail sales going on, I still visit my fave thrifts. If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to research brands and styles I want to incorporate in my wardrobe and look for them at the thrift. It can be daunting but that’s part of the thrill. More than 50% of the time, you will eventually find what you seek.

This past summer, I decided to make better choices regarding fabrics I incorporate and this required somewhat of a closet purge. The end result was a more manageable and versatile base for any season. Still hoard sweaters though (hard habit to kick) but i am getting better. Now when I shop, I am very specific on what I am looking for. A Pinterest board that shows similar pieces in your closet, helps to match and produce outfit ideas while your shopping. Started this process as a test and I LOVE IT! Given you won’t find exact copies ( rare but possible) but you can find quality replacements.


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