Spring cleaning Decor

Happy Spring! Now is the perfect time to tackle the yearly “Spring cleaning” task. Initially I dreaded it but have come to love it. How did that happen? Well doing a small clear out monthly makes it a smaller obstacle by March. Also, I have purchased less items this past year. My closet is maintaining the same capacity if not slightly less and I am going for a more minimalist decor concept. Not everyone will have the same taste and I think you should capitalize on that. 

How do you create your own decor look/layout? I used ideas from Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. The point is to use them for ideas but not duplicate 100% – unless that’s what your going for. I use these concepts to help me find thrifted and secondhand items that incorporate my own taste. I can honestly say, it’s always fun to find that one of a kind piece for your decor…..

The start of a small gallery wall in my living room…I used secondhand artwork with thrifted mirror accents that were originally from IKEA. Some small touch ups needed but not bad at all… All together, I spent a grand total of 20.00 on all 6!

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