Well, it’s safe to say this year has not gone as planned. Like most people, my emotions were at a high for the past few months and I was drained. Social media and the internet in general, portrays a different picture than reality. While I post my thrift finds and styling pics on Instagram, sometimes I still need a break from the cycle. What will happen if I don’t post for a couple of days? Will my followers leave? When will I be recognized by brands? A lot of thoughts ran through my mind about my social. I finally took a step back and realized that it is a tool not my life. You have to admit, life happens and prioritizing yourself and well being will be necessary.

I did a lot of self reflection and worked on body and mind. I’m still an entrepreneur during the toughest times so I put extra energy into my business. Sometimes I asked myself why I have a business. I could work a normal job and be comfortable. I am not content with the norm and wanted more. Because I know I can do and be so much more. Don’t sell yourself short on your aspirations. If you don’t believe in yourself who will? You are you’re biggest support system before anyone else. Don’t change yourself to align with others. Change your way of thinking to progress yourself forward. The right people with naturally align with you…..

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