Happy Thursday all with a side of sunshine! I was sitting here, writing out my to do list and started to think more about what it means to “Spring Clean”…..Our normal definition involves a thorough deep clean of the kitchen and bath, cleaning closets and drawers, the awful garage, shed and dust bunnies under the couch. While all that is still very necessary, what about you? What are some ways to rid yourself of last years dust to get ready for the year ahead?

One thing essential for my well being is self care. No I don’t mean taking a shower, I mean starting a new exercise plan or routine or getting that haircut you’ve been debating on for 6 months. The new year brings new possibilities and we should take advantage of them. Since we are rejuvenating our outer selves, what about the interior. Nobody wants to carry negative energy around, plus it’s bad for your health. I find Yoga helps with this as well as meditation. Sometimes you have to clear your mind for new ideas and thoughts. My times vary depending on the day or situation. Sometimes it’s a few minutes, sometimes a few hours…Time to throw away the trash!

Now these are my views on “Spring Cleaning” but the extended version. How do you cleanse for the new year?

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