Well since we’re all inside…..

I agree….These past couple of weeks have been the hardest for me. My usual routine involves visiting my favorite thrift, talking a walk along a trail or going to visit family. Since I am keeping a low profile right now, I’m constantly doing new things to keep myself busy. Believe it or not, this is a great time to work on you! I have a short list of things that may help while staying home and anyone can do them:

1. Start a new hobby – I’m a firm believer that everyone has a talent. Some people just don’t have time to exercise this due to everyday grind. No time like the present.

2. Start a new online business – Enter new hobby here. Whether it’s reselling on Poshmark and EBay or working on that graphic design idea. You can do it! There are sites such as Etsy, Society6 and Printful that can make your business come to life…

3. Get in shape – who says you have to go to the gym just to get into shape. There are apps available to give a structured workout anywhere. Of course, if you have a routine already that works just as well. Getting in shape is also includes the inside. Changing your diet and eating habits will benefit you in the long run…

4. Start a blog – sometimes you just have to vent and express yourself in Times New Roman. A blog is a lot of work but it gives you an outlet and opens engagement to people who share your views….

What are some new ventures you are doing right now?

2 thoughts on “Well since we’re all inside…..

  1. Nice! Currently, in addition to blogging, Poshmark I participate in several Inspirational, motivational and abundance challenges!


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