Shoes top my thrift list……

Hello all and I hope you are doing well! During these quarantine days, I find myself redoing inventory and Poshmark pics, reviewing business plans and ALOT of online shopping. I’m sure that a lot of people are doing the same. One thing I like to evaluate are my best comp items. What sells the best for me with the biggest profit? For me, it is shoes. While handbags are my personal favorite, shoes are a favorite with my buyers. With the coming of Spring, I am looking for footwear to switch into Summer. Sneakers are year round faves, while sandals are coming into play for the upcoming months. Mules are something I started picking up due to popular demand. The one downside to thrifting shoes is you have to thoroughly clean them. Every now and then you will get lucky and get brand new pairs but mainly I look for slightly worn.

Now that I have thrifted shoes for a few years, I am thinking about venturing out to discount stores such as TJMAXX and Marshall’s. A lot of resellers find great brands that sell really well and it would be another resource for me. Although right now might not be a great time to explore due to circumstances, they are about 10 minutes away and tempt me when I drive by…… Lol what can I say, retail therapy is real.

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