Not a day without a flatlay! Breaking down how I do them…..


Hey all! For my blog post this week, I decided to do a quick breakdown of how I execute my flatlays for my Instagram posts. Typically, a flatlay concept for me starts with a star piece. From there, I build the outfit based on a couple of factors but mostly theme, event, day or evening wear. For instance, the flatlay above is casual day but could be for an art gallery owner. Just my version I’ll say…

Outfit planning is something that helps me break the “I have nothing to wear” block. Flatlays take literally 10 minutes at the most for me to execute and is somewhat theraputic for me. Plus, I use what I already own and that brings new light on styling specific pieces. All items pictured are thrifted or secondhand so it is also outfit planning without breaking the bank! What are some key actions you use when planning day to day looks? Special occasion looks? Leave your comments below….


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