Reworking your wardrobe…..

Having alot of clothes means you never run out of outfits, RIGHT? I wish that was the case but there are always the days of “I have nothing to wear” and everyone has them. I started thinking about this and the answer is all in the visuals.

When I worked in retail, we did planograms every couple of weeks to visually update each department. There may be 5 new items but everything else was old in retail terms. Every time we “rearranged” people would flock to items asking if they were new. No, it was just now on the wall displayed versus the 4 way rack. The same concept is true for your closet….

Rearranging your wardrobe by rotating clothes at the front of your closet tells your mind that your wardrobe is “new” and you see things in a different light. Maybe you can now see that blouse you haven’t worn in ages and it is perfect with your favorite wool coat. Doing this method allows me to create and plan OOTDs as I sort and plan looks for the coming days…

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