It’s all about Fanny……

Well, I finally caved and bought a fanny pack. Or a waist belt? Don’t know which one is politically correct. Finding one wasn’t hard but finding the right one for me was. I’m sure you’ve seen the abundance online and in store and there is no shortage of them. This cute one from Zara is a snakeskin print on clear vinyl. It also has a long adjustable belt with additional holes so I don’t have to create them myself ( I know I’m not the only one who has to do that…small waist problems) Super light weight and stylish? Grab 2! BTW, it was under 10.00! You’re welcome….

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Avid thrifter, fashion lover, shoe hoarder and handbag obsessed. Trying to change my ways. In the meantime, I will share thrift hauls and random tidbits of advice from observation....

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