New Bag Review – Dior

Happy Friday all! To start the weekend of organizing and flatlays off, I figured I would do a review of my newest bag addition. I probably mention this in every blog post but I recommend checking out Poshmark for amazing deals on slightly used items. Poshmark is where I purchased this beautiful Dior leather bag for just $100! If anyone has an idea of what this style is called, please shoot me a message. The leather is in great condition with just some slight patina on the handle. It came with the original Dior keychain still attached to the exterior. It has one gold tome snap for closure and is fully lined in a chocolate brown material. The bag also has gold studs on the bottom so the leather isn’t damage when you set it down. I usually put my bag on my chair or if the seat is backless, I will hang it on my knee (I know I’m not the only one who does this….).


You can carry this bag on the shoulder, wrist or by holding it by the handle. The third option was quite awkward for me since the bag is larger than the popular Saddle bag. The most comfortable option was carrying it under my arm. It fits comfortably and doesn’t dig into your underarm like some bags do. The main compartment is pretty deep but not aggravating. Since the bag is flat, you can access your personal items pretty efficiently.


So short story time! When I first got the bag, I was super excited to use it RIGHT AWAY! I took it out and then went to style my hair and apply my makeup. I reached for it and didn’t realize I had some hair oil on my hands still. Well, it had a oil spot smack in the middle of the front flap. You can imagine how made I was at myself after that! I left it home and used a different bag. When I got home however, the stain was gone. The leather had just absorbed it. After that incident, I feel like the bag is invincible. Thank goodness it wasn’t ruined…..

There you have It! My new Dior bag review based on usage as of today. I will be doing a thrift haul later this month but I will have a Ikea haul since I will be assembling furniture in the next few days. Thank you for visiting my blog and don’t forget to check out my Poshmark closet next week for amazing deals. You can also check out my Instagram for new finds and outfit inspo!

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